Happy Families

I make families stronger.

Clinical experience has taught that families don’t always need counselling but they DO need practical skills. Based on over 40 years of research and the work of Drs John and Julie Gottman, I have put together a system of wrap-around care designed to intervene early in family formation. For those who come to me a little later in the formation process, no worries! It’s never too late to learn the skills that will get your family back on track. There’s something here for families of all ages and stages.


Individuals come to counselling for a variety of reasons. Some do not feel safe to work within a group format. Others, due to age and other circumstances, seek a personalized treatment plan. Individual therapy is often used to supplement group and couples work. Whatever your reason for choosing individual therapy, I can provide your choice of approaches to explore your unique needs.


While most people are aware that humans change and develop across the life span, many are not aware that our relationships do the same thing. Relationships can become problematic when members move out of sync with each other, even though this is a natural process. Couples can use therapy to make decisions about staying or leaving, making a good relationship even better, or starting over. I use Gottman Couples Therapy in my work, employing assessment, intervention, and followup support to build the key components of lasting relationships. My approach is skills-based, and tailored to your unique needs and desires.


Are you a Creative (musician, artist, photographer, writer, entrepreneur) and finding yourself stuck? Do your dreams sit on piles of paper all over your office or vehicle? Do you find yourself shrinking at the thought of being seen or judged by your public? Are you working a T4 job for someone else when you KNOW you could do a better job on your own, but you can’t get anything off the ground? You need to know that every new idea is a NO before it becomes a YES. And that YES depends on your sense of self. Most of us have a damaged sense of self. My proprietary approach is especially suited for fellow Creatives who know there’s more to life but just can’t seem to get there. I can help you get unstuck and live the life you dream of.


Children develop and make sense of the world naturally, through art and play. When adversity strikes early, young children may not be able to put words to their experiences. I offer a well-equipped art and playroom, where youngsters are free to explore and express their feelings in a safe and accepting therapeutic environment. My approach is developmental, and seeks to build confidence, competence, and skills. Parent-child counselling is encouraged to support communication and to resolve issues developed within behavioural patterns. Benefits include increased capacity to cope and regulate emotion, increased resiliency, increased self-esteem, healing from traumatic incidents, and the development of healthy boundaries.


Adolescence can be a very confusing time, as youths transition into adulthood, seeking independence and autonomy. Working with youths can be tricky business. Many struggle to connect with authority figures. A creative environment and egalitarian approach build coping and communications skills while disarming the underlying factors that contribute to defensive reactions. Youths come away feeling accepted and empowered, in a world where their greatest strengths may go unappreciated.


All relationships undergo a developmental process. Relational needs change with each new development, often resulting in power struggles, communication breakdowns, defensive reactions, and overwhelm. Attachment patterns are well-researched, and are the focus of my therapeutic parenting approach. Attachment approaches target the developmental milestones that may be at the heart of parent-child difficulties. Calm, confident parents result in calm, confident kids. Whether you’re a new parent, or are parenting after separation, I can help you strengthen communication by building healthier patterns of connecting and interacting.

Come and find out how counselling can help you.