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SoulScapes Counselling & Art Therapy is a full-service counselling centre providing INDIVIDUAL, GOTTMAN COUPLES and FAMILY counselling in Abbotsford, British Columbia.


Art Therapy isn't for Artists.

Every brain uses non-verbal communication.

Those who use it report improvement in mood, confidence, attention and immune function.

Find out if unrecognized trauma is holding you back.

It’s not the events that are traumatizing.

Trauma is not what happens to the body, but to a survivor’s sense of self. Often, it is not a large catastrophic event, but a series of smaller unrecognized events that leave people feeling powerless, rejected, misfit, or worse. Unrecognized trauma can result in bizarre and unpredictable symptoms and behaviours.

Is Addiction ruling your world?

Addiction hits where it hurts.

Addiction destroys the relationships that matter most. If you have tried and failed to treat addiction, my brain-based approach is designed to target the natural drives behind compulsive behaviours. No more white-knuckling. No more shame. Restored relationships.

In a prison of FEAR or ANXIETY?

Stop FEAR in its tracks.

Anxiety sufferers feel like slaves to a brain that is out of control. Did you know you can learn to control your own brain and flip anxiety off like a light switch? Anxiety treatment involves a two-pronged approach designed to stop the acute symptoms, and to take anxiety out at its source… the brain.

Is your relationship making you sick?

Relationships are central to our sense of well-being.

The Gottman approach to relationship therapy is skills-based and built on more than 30 years of research. You will learn the fact and fiction of lasting relationships, how to fight fairly, when to let it go, and how to work with tragic histories such as trauma, poverty, incest, and infidelity. Regain your intimacy. Strengthen your friendship. Realize your dreams.

Stressed, Fearful or Bereaved?

Bring more joy to your life as you learn to move beyond the pain and shame of the past.

Individual Counselling in Abbotsford and Langley


What would you do if you felt FREE? Are you feeling trapped, fearful, depressed or lost? Individual Counselling will help you get to the bottom of what’s robbing your joy. My approach is wholistic, evidence-based, and designed to break you free from the failed strategies that keep you stuck.

Gottman Couples Treatment


Learn the fact and fiction of lasting relationships, how to fight fairly, when to let it go, and how to work with tragic histories such as trauma, poverty, incest, and infidelity. Regain your intimacy. Strengthen your friendship. Realize your dreams… the Gottman way!


Are you a Creative, or an Entrepreneur but feeling totally stuck? Do you fear you’re not good enough? That people won’t be interested in what you have to offer? Do you KNOW you have something great to offer, but you just can’t seem to get it off the ground? Come and learn what the Self Development community IS NOT telling you! Get unstuck and on the road quickly.

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A Totally Unique approach to treating Trauma.

Problems like Anxiety, Addiction, and PTSD don’t need to be a life sentence. But for some, the idea of getting treatment is as frightening as the disorders, themselves. At Soulscapes, we are a group of trauma-survivors who have developed a proprietary approach to treating trauma. Relationships are being restored. Veterans are finding hope. Sufferers with decades of pain and struggle are finding freedom. We don’t always get a say in how our story begins. But we can surely decide how it ends!

Gottman Couplse Therapy

The Gottman Method

The Gottmans understand that the human family is in crisis, and that all individuals are capable of and deserve compassion. It is their mission to reach out to families in order to help create and maintain greater love and health in relationships. We share their vision and are committed to an ongoing program of research that increases the understanding of successful relationships and uses interventions that have been carefully evaluated.

  • Accurately Predicts Divorce 94%
  • Less Satisfied After Baby Comes Home 69%
  • Successful After Gottman Couples Therapy 84%

Animal-Assisted Therapy.

Unlike Assistance dogs, dogs trained for use in therapeutic work are privately owned, and trained to work specifically with their owners. Eli’s owner is Bonnie. Dogs used for pet-provided therapy are qualified to visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and other therapeutic settings, and they provide emotional support, reasons to smile, and cherished memories.

Eli Therapy Dog
Art Therapy

Art Therapy isn’t for Artists.

The act of drawing is less an artistic act and more an ancient means of communicating with the part of ourselves that does not use words. The negative events that impact us the most tend to happen before our ability to speak has developed. Using drawing and other creative gestures provides a means to communicate where words fail. The simple act helps to balance the 2 halves of the brain that get out of sync in our disjointed world. Many have experienced improvement in mood, attention, self-confidence, and even immune function. Working with art and play is effective with folks of all ages and backgrounds and is the only way to mediate trauma for young children. Art is so much more than something to hang on the wall. Art, as a form of therapy, is experiencing a revival around the world. Your solutions are within you. Come and learn how you can draw them out!

Feedback-Informed Treatment

Scott Millar’s FIT is a web based outcome system designed to track and manage counselling progress, providing instant feedback. We provide a similar analysis based on our proprietary approach to trauma treatment. The analysis ensures you’re getting the quality of care we promise, and you deserve. It takes less than a minute each session, and targets those areas in life scientifically proven to impact your greatest sense of fulfillment.

  • Is it okay to be you? 60%
  • What is the quality of your closest relationships? 50%
  • What is the quality of your social relationships? 70%
  • Do you believe your situation can improve? 70%









Americans diagnosed with mental health issues during 2012.

Epoch Myth: we outgrow the events of childhood.

Fact: our childhood experiences are supposed to shape our adult experiences!

The problem is not the adversity of those experiences but a failure to develop the skills required to overcome the circumstances. Our temporary defences, over time, can come to appear as part of our personality causing others to misunderstand us. This misunderstanding leads to judgments that become internalized and has a direct impact on our self esteem and quality of life. Come and learn how to become a more authentic you.

Find out how counselling can help you.

Functional Psychology

Functional Psychology. A Manifesto to change the way we treat Mental Health.

Functional Medicine recognizes that the body is made up of a number of tiny processes that relate to larger biological functions, and that all of these are influenced by genetic and environmental factors. When these factors become imbalanced, they lead to symptoms, which develop into diseases if effective interventions are not applied. When these imbalances of function are addressed in a way that restores optimum function of the organism as a whole, health improves and symptoms disappear.

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